4 Ways to Improve and Personalize You Workspace

Some would agree that your workspace is the second most important place outside of home. It is the place you spend 8 hours per day and sometimes late nights, in order to get those important projects finished. So why not spruce it up with things that remind you of home, help keep you motivated, or just make you feel comfortable while you work?

Here are 4 ways to improve and personalize your work space to help give you that extra pep throughout the day.

  • Get rid of clutter – organizing is key:

If you have a lot of files or documents on your desk or in your cubicle at work, then ensure they are kept in order of importance. Organizing your desk is a key part of getting started on the path to having a personalized workspace. It also helps you to locate anything that is needed urgently to hand to your boss, or anything that needs sent in the mail.

  • What’s your favorite color stapler? – adding accessories and color:

Pop into Office Depot and get a few things! Colorful accessories such as a caddy or file jackets help to keep those pens, staples, and sticky notes within reach. You won’t be searching for them like a needle in a hay stack, and they will be present in case your coworker needs a sticky note or to borrow your stapler. The human senses respond to color, and your favorite color can be added to make your desk more appealing and to set a tone that you will appreciate. A calendar with a theme can also help to make your desk more interesting, but remember to keep the theme professional and friendly.

  • Little motivators – personal items from home:

You can post pictures to your cubicle with thumb tacks or add fun picture frames to your desk.  Adding personal items such as a picture frame with family or friends can help to make your workspace feel more like home. If you are having a stressful day, a glimpse of that past freeze-framed moment shared with people close to your heart can help improve your spirits and keep you motivated. You can also add awards received to showcase your achievements, and this too can act as a motivating factor throughout the day.

  • Add life – green thumbs need not apply:

You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep plants in your work space. Plants can help make your workspace feel more alive, and they are good air purifiers as they produce oxygen. Ensure that you check on the type of plant, as most require sunlight to stay alive. If you are in a space that has no sunlight, it would be best to check out types of plants that can live longer in spaces with little or no sun. Be mindful of plants with fragrance as they may affect your neighboring coworker. Add a small spray bottle or watering can in your cubicle to help remind you to water your plant.

Regardless of your preference, remember that your workspace is a representation of you and shows physical aspects of your personality. Keeping it organized, adding a pop of color, or adding things that motivate you and keep you smiling, will help you get through those tough workdays.

Meet our Author!

By Debra Mason | Lead Generation Specialist
I’m from the Paradise Island of Jamaica and was raised in the parish of St. Catherine. I graduated from the University of the West Indies Mona Campus with a B.A in Language Communication and Society. I love anywhere with water and can’t swim to save my life, but it doesn’t stop me from jumping in (life jacket and all). I am one of three children and I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and having chill moments that help me to unwind and enjoy the simply things in life. When I’m not working, I enjoy planning trips with my friends across the country to see rivers, falls or the beach, having a barbecue cook out, or catching a movie on the big screen. I also enjoy singing and karaoke events. My motivation in life is my family, as they have played a major role in molding me into the young woman I am today.

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