20 Powerful Keywords to Charge your Resume

20 Powerful Keywords
You’ve heard it over and over again: use keywords to make your resume stand out to a recruiter. However, choosing the right keywords, and using them to effectively demonstrate your skill set, can be harder than it seems.
Here are 20 powerful keywords to enhance your resume:

1. Conceptualized
2. Trained
3. Built
4. Introduced
5. Strengthened
6. Directed
7. Persuaded
8. Forecasted
9. Projected
10. Assessed
11. Set Goals
12. Promoted
13. Oversaw
14. Improved
15. Adapted
16. Solved
17. Initiated
18. Planned
19. Managed
20. Increased

It’s important to note that none of these potent action verbs should be used too often. Make sure each use is followed up by a detailed example of a notable achievement.

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