The Dating Game

10 Ways Your Job is Just Like the Dating Game

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We’ve all been through it before, and every time the same questions and issues come up. Some call it “the dance”. The strategy behind dating and navigating the workplace can seem like an endless chess game. Each and every time we challenge ourselves with the same questions; “How long should I wait to call?”, or “What if it’s too good to be true?”, or even, “But they’re not exactly my type!” The questions are endless. Here are 10 time-tested dating tips that we can use and apply to our work life!

  1. Calling Protocol

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least three business days before you follow up. This allows the person ample time to read and respond to your request. If you have to, lock your phone in a drawer to ward off the temptation of spamming for an immediate answer!

  1. How Many Days To Wait

We’re all adults here. There is no recipe for how long you should wait before you introduce yourself to your newest team member. There are some merits to waiting for them to get settled into their new desk and get the lay of the land. Maybe it’s best to wait until after a formal introduction. Whatever the case may be, it’s arbitrary. Don’t sweat it. When the timing is right, you’ll know!

  1. Last Minute Offers

Important projects can pop up at any time and without warning. Don’t automatically turn them down. In spite of whatever fears you may have about contributing, jump in and help! Last minute projects are the best kind because they allow you to showcase how well you work under pressure.

  1. Not Your “Type”

Take on work that is outside of your comfort zone. You don’t know what’s out there until you explore other options and dabble in new experiences! You could discover a new career path or other interests that you would have never even considered had you not taken on this new work.

  1. Wandering Eyes

This is the most controversial of the bunch. It’s time to sit down and reevaluate if you should stop paying attention to the multitude of attractive offers out there. I’m not saying to be aggressive and pursue these options, but there is definitely no harm in a quick head-turn for a moment.

  1. Don’t Go To Bed Angry

The classic cliché. But should it be followed? A lot of stuff goes on during a normal work day and it is okay to leave work angry, upset, and even frustrated. Some distance from the situation can be a good thing. It allows you to cool down and recharge your batteries. We all think better when we are well rested.

  1. Exes

Just because you no longer work for your previous employer doesn’t mean you can’t remain friends. If it ended on good terms then there is no reason to limit your networking potential.

  1. Routine=Rut

Partake in “Casual Friday” or “Ice Cream Wednesday”. You may find comfort in routine, but changing it up makes things a bit more exciting!

  1. Don’t Compare Your Relationship To Others!

Conventional wisdom says you should never do this but it’s not always a bad idea to compare your previous employer to your current one if you think you can learn from the comparison. Looking at another’s relationship with their employer can provide you with some great ideas.

  1. It’s Not Me, It’s You

There is no shame in admitting that your employer is at fault for your unhappiness. If you don’t let them know, then whatever resolution you reach will only incubate the resentment you already feel. It’s better to just be upfront and honest rather than holding it in and letting the negativity fester.

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